Another Sidek champ in the making

KUALA LUMPUR (21 September 2017): Datuk Razif Sidek renowned as a bronze medallist at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona and who is also a badminton legend in Malaysia, has passed on his competitive genes to his son, Muhammad Fazriq Mohd Razif who not surprisingly, is making waves on the junior circuit.

Fazriq Razif, 13, currently plays for Bandar Maharani Badminton Club (BMBC) in the Junior Purple League 2017 (JPL2017) in the boy’s doubles category.

According to Fazriq, it all started five years ago when he first saw his father playing and quickly took an interest in the sport.

"My aim is to win an Olympic gold medal for the country and win honours in other international competitions on the world stage as well," said Fazriq with conviction that belied his age.

The young Fazriq has already started carving a name for himself when he won gold in the GP Junior Circuit Under-14 championship which was held In Kuala Terengganu recently, and now he hopes to up his performance and gain recognition in the top-quality Junior Purple League 2017.

He added: "I will be representing Bandar Maharani Badminton Club in the Junior Purple League 2017 and my aim is to get my game to a higher level compared to my previous matches”.

Fazriq, who won two straight matches for his team recently in the JPL2017, also said: "Playing in JPL2017 will be a good opportunity for me to hone my playing skills. As the youngest player in the team I have time on my side. Also, playing with the more senior players will surely help me gain valuable experience.

"Although I represent my club in the doubles, my preference is to play in the singles. My ultimate aim is to represent Malaysia in the men's singles in the big tournaments."

Bandar Maharani BC’s head coach, Yap Kim Heng said that Fazriq has a tremendous amount of talent and with the proper guidance and nurturing his future in badminton looks very bright.

"From what I had observed during the Terengganu GP Final, I am very confident he has the right temperament and fighting qualities to be battling for trophies in the near future," said coach Kim Heng. "He may lack physical attributes presently but he is still very young so there's ample time for him to develop physically. He may be the youngest player in the team but his game is very mature."

"I feel that it is the right time for him to play in the First Division of JPL2017 as he has tremendous potential which will only be good for him in the future," said the coach who led Bandar Maharani BC to win the Second Division of JPL last season.