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Meet Dania who can give ‘uncles’ a run for their money in badminton

PETALING JAYA: Remember this name Dania Sofea Zaidi. The petite 13-year-old lass looks destined to become a darling to badminton fans in the near future.

Dania, a Form Two student at SMK (P) Sultan Ismail, Johor Baru, was hogging the limelight in age-group tournaments when the Covid-19 pandemic smashed aside her aspirations.

She is arguably the best Under-14 girl’s player in the country at the moment going by triumphs in singles and doubles in the first leg of the National Junior Circuit last year.

If that’s not convincing enough, Dania won the Under-15 title at the Purple League Junior tournament last month.

In 2019, Dania was the undisputed national Under-12 champion, sweeping both the National Junior Grand Prix Finals and the National School Sports Council (MSSM).

“Sofea’s certainly the one to beat in her age group in the country right now, ” said her father Zaidi Mohamed, a teacher at the SK Skudai.

“Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 there’s no tournament for her to prove her worth in the last one year or so. But she’s on the par with the best Under-15 girls in the national junior team.

“She has no problem keeping up with players aged 17 or 18. That’s why it’s a bit tough to find someone to spar with her. We even resorted to getting ‘uncles’ in their 30s or 40s to help with her training.”

Zaidi said he’s looking forward to gauging his daughter performance at the international stage when the Asian Under-15 and Under-17 Championships return to the schedule in future.

“We’re targeting Sofea for the Asian meet next, it will be interesting to see how she stacks up against the best in the continent, ” said Zaidi.

“She did win a tournament in Singapore once where she defeated five Chinese opponents. Although these are club-level players, they are all formidable competitors.”

Zaidi said Dania received an offer to join the national junior squad but the time is not right to accept the offer.

“We wanted to oversee her development on our own first. She’s currently training under experienced coach Albert Lim at the Alberts Sports Badminton Academy, ” explained Zaidi.

“She has been training under him for almost seven years now, and her progress speaks for itself. We will eventually let her join the national team, probably in two years, once she’s ready and independent enough. It’s just that we want to prep her with a solid foundation, mentally and physically.”

Zaidi said Dania, who scored 4As and 1B for her UPSR, is known as the ‘cili padi’ to many as she wows the crowd with her deft skills and court movements.

“She would jump, dive and even play a lot of deceptive shots and it is always delightful to watch.”

Zaidi recalled how Dania was hooked on badminton at the tender age of four.

“I was a former sepak takraw player and I noticed how she loves sport and was good at kicking the rattan ball around. I managed to convince her to play badminton instead and it has certainly been good for her.“By eight, she has started winning titles. At 10, she had to actually play in the boys’ category because no one can compete with her.

“Sofea is indeed gifted and is meant for badminton. It’s our hope to see her realise her potential to become a world and Olympic champion one day.”

Straight wins by top and second-seeded players

KAMPAR –  The first half of the day of the Aeon Credit Purple League Junior2020 (ACSPLJ 2020), down to the last 32 on the second day, saw the first and second-seeded Boys’ Under-15 and Under-18 singles players cruising through their games with zero upsets.

Chow Wern Soon showed maturity in his display, beyond his age. - Malaysia purple league pic
Chow Wern Soon showed maturity in his display, beyond his age. – Malaysia purple league pic

The Under-15 top-seeded singles player, Chow Wern Soon from Serdang BC who toppled Mohamad Dani from Bangi City BC with a commanding 3-0 victory, said after the match that he felt pressured knowing that he was the top-seeded player, but later self-motivated himself not to let himself be plagued by the pressure, and that it was just a number.

“Hopefully, I can turn the pressure into motivation and navigate me to the final.”

The first-seeded and more experienced Chow, trained by badminton legend and owner of Serdang BC, Ong Ewe Hock, managed to pull off a classier and more mature show compared to his peers. Staying calm throughout, he showcased unexpected twists in his attacking play, often catching his opponent off guard.

Huan Kai Hern had to dig deep into his reserve by rallying past his opponent with a 3-1 victory, barely overcoming an upset. - Malaysia Purple League pic
Huan Kai Hern had to dig deep into his reserve by rallying past his opponent with a 3-1 victory, barely overcoming an upset. – Malaysia Purple League pic

Meanwhile, the second-seeded singles player from the Boy’s Under-15, Huan Kai Hern of Subang Jaya BC had to literally fight his way through Labuan BC’s Aguwell Andrew, and fortunately managed to dig deep into his reserve and fought past his opponent, just in time to advance with a 3-1 victory.

“At first, I could not adapt to the pace of the game, the feeling of being in competitive action is not quite the same. But I persevered so that I would not lose out. My goal is to reach the semi-finals.”

In the Boys’ Under-18 singles, Teh Jin Hong from Bayan Lepas BC made his debut with a convincing 3-0 win over Tan Jia Qi of Johor Baru BC. However, the first-seeded player was not satisfied with his performance.

“It’s been too long since I’ve played, I’ve been trying to get the feel back, some of my shots aren’t in place yet. But I’m going to slowly get back to that feeling,” he said, preferring to just enjoy the game and not setting a target for himself.

But his coach, Choong Yee Hean believes in his top-seeded player’s ability to win the title.

In addition, the second seed in the event, Muhammad Atef of the Cheras BC, also made it to the last 16. It is worth mentioning that Ting Wen Xuan of Balakong BC continued his spirited run today after his impressive match in the opening yesterday, and the strength of the seeded players could make them the dark horse of this tournament.

In yesterday’s first round, with the top-seeded players in most events not present, the only mixed doubles seeded players to play, Samuel Lee/Ho Lo Ea from Penang’s Bayan Lepas BC made it into the second round.


PETALING JAYA: The Purple League Junior (PLJ), which was halted last October, is set for a restart at the Sixbase Sport Arena in Kampar, Perak, on March 31.

However, the tournament will start afresh with all previous results and progress made by participating teams prior to the suspension being declared null and void.

Apart from being shortened to four days, the PLJ will now be played in an individual knockout format.

It features five events each – boys’ singles, boys’ doubles, girls’ singles, girls doubles and mixed doubles – for both the Under-18 and Under-15 categories.

The players will earn points for their teams based on the performance in the event they take part in.

Three points will be awarded to the champions, followed by two and one each for runner-ups and semi-finalists.

The club with the highest cumulative score will be the overall champions.

Besides helping their clubs to win the competition, there’s an added incentive for the Under-18 shuttlers as winners of all five categories will earn an invitation to an intensive training camp run by the Badminton Association of Malaysia.

The PLJ was initially slated for Oct 3-Nov 22 with 40 teams in four different regions – Port Dickson, Ipoh, Puchong and Muar.

The top four teams in each city will make up the 16-team line-up for the Grand Finals.

However, only the first region challenge was completed in Port Dickson before a nationwide surge in Covid-19 cases forced the tournament to be suspended.

Malaysia Purple League chief operating officer Ho Khek Mong said: “It’s not easy to get back into the game.

“Since last year’s tournament in Port Dickson, we have postponed the competition several times before we can now resume, five months apart.

“In order to avoid another postponement, we had to change the game system.

“Since the pandemic situation has improved, it is better to complete this league quickly than playing a wait-and-see game.”

AEON Credit Purple League Junior 2020 resume on 31 March

Following the continuous reduction in the daily recorded cases of COVID-19, the AEON Credit Purple League Junior 2020 (ACPLJ 2020) will resume end of this month for a period of 4 days, from March 31st to April 3rd.

The tournament to be held in Kampar, Perak, which is under the Recovery MCO phase will see the participation of approximately 400 players under the age of 18 from 40 clubs across the country.

The competition is divided into Under-18 men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles and Under-15 men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles, culminating with a total of 10 events.

In addition to winning prize medals for each event’s runners-up and semi-finalists, the champions can also contribute three points to the club, two points for runners-up and one point for semi-finalists.

The club with the highest cumulative score will be the overall champion. If two or more teams end up with the same points, the winner will be determined by the one having the highest number of winners.

If the number of winners is also the same for those teams, then the title champion will be determined by the highest number of winners from the semi-finals and subsequent games count.

In addition to prize money for runners-up, semi-finalists and the overall champion team, the Under-18 champions will also be recruited to participate in an intensive training course hosted by the BAM.

The AEON Credit Purple League Junior 2020 (ACPLJ 2020) was originally scheduled to be held in October and November last year in four regions – Kampar, Muar, Port Dickson and Puchong where each region is represented by 16 winners from Group A & B who will battle out for the championship title in the finals in Putrajaya.

Nevertheless, the suspension of all sporting activities in the country in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak at the end of last year meant that the ACPLJ 2020 had to be postponed indefinitely.

This time around, with the lockdown relaxed, the Malaysia Purple League is returning to complete the ACPLJ 2020 run. As always, the organizer will strictly adhere to the standard operating procedures set by the government, including isolation of players, measurement of temperature before entering the stadium, no contact with the outside world during the game, no spectators, regular disinfection every day and social distancing, in a bid to ensure that the welfare and well-being of all players, officials and staff personnel are prioritized.

“It’s not easy to get back into the game,” said Ho Khek Mong, Chief Operating Officer of Purple League. “

Since last year’s tournament in Port Dickson, we have postponed the competition several times before we can now resume, five months apart. In order to avoid the postponement of the tournament again due to outbreak, we had to change the game system. Since the pandemic situation has improved, it is better to complete this league quickly than playing the wait-and-see game.”

“I hope the younger generation of players will cherish this rare opportunity to play and prove themselves, and I hope the audience too, will give us their support. Please remember to follow our official Youtube channel.”

The annual Purple League Junior (PLJ) Competition has entered its sixth year. Its purpose is to search for new young talents and provide a platform for promising youth to showcase their talent, gain competitive experience, and build confidence in badminton.

AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad has merged in as the main sponsor for the Purple League Junior for three years since 2019 as part of its corporate social responsibility in developing the local talents.

Malaysia Purple League concludes with big prospects

KAMPAR  – Ampang Jaya BC’s Tan Jia Jie will get a step closer to achieve his dream of becoming a national badminton player after clinching the AEON Credit Purple League Junior 2020 (ACPLJ 2020) Boys Under-18 title.

The Old Klang Road local beat Muhammad Ariffin Nazri Md Zakaria (Cheras BC) 11-9, 10-11, 11-9, 11-8 at the Sixbase Sports Arena in Kampar on March 2nd.

Jia Jie said he’s looking forward to joining the Badminton Association of Malaysia’s (BAM) extensive training camp which is a part of the reward for the champion besides the cash prize of RM1000 and medal.

The lanky teenager said he’s grateful for the ACPLJ 2020 which provided him with the stage to showcase his talent.

“I had a good game against Ariffin, he was a bit tired and my training work to improve my stamina worked in this match. I’m very happy with the win and I’m looking forward to training with BAM,” he said.

“I could have done better in the final, my opponent was a good player and he gave me a good fight but in the end, I managed to get the win.”

“I’m looking forward to watching and learn from players like Lee Zii Jia during the training camp with BAM and I hope I can improve further and one day play for the country.”

Ampang Jaya BC's Tan Jia Jie edged Muhammad Ariffin Nazri Md Zakaria of Cheras BC, in the Boys Under-18 singles final to emerge as the champion. Pic courtesy of Malaysia Purple League
Ampang Jaya BC’s Tan Jia Jie edged Muhammad Ariffin Nazri Md Zakaria of Cheras BC, in the Boys Under-18 singles final to emerge as the champion. Pic courtesy of Malaysia Purple League

In the Girls Under-18, unseeded Wong Ling Ching of Butterworth BC clinched the title after upstaging second seed Tan Yan Yi of Serdang BC 11-3, 11-2, 11-4.

She also completed a double after partnered Teoh Le Xuan to win the Girls Under-18 double with a win over Bayan Lepas BC pair Amanda Yap Hwa Leng-Tan Xin Zon  11-5, 11-9, 11-7.

The win saw Ling Ching return home with RM1000 cash prize and a medal for winning the singles and she shared the RM1500 cash prize with her double’s partner Le Xuan and also the opportunity to join BAM’s intensive training camp.

A jubilant Ling Ching said she’s glad to achieve her target of winning both finals.

“I had a good outing here and it feels good to win after not playing for a long time in a competition due to the pandemic,” said the Sarawak lass who trained with Le Xuan for a few days before the competition.

“I moved from Sarawak to Penang six months ago to get better training and this is the first competition for me and I’m glad to win it.”

.Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee... Wong Ling Ching of Butterworth BC upstaged second seed Tan Yan Yi of Serdang BC 11-3, 11-2, 11-4 in the Girls Under-18 singles final. Pic courtesy of Malaysia Purple League
.Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee… Wong Ling Ching of Butterworth BC upstaged second seed Tan Yan Yi of Serdang BC 11-3, 11-2, 11-4 in the Girls Under-18 singles final. Pic courtesy of Malaysia Purple League

Her partner Le Xuan said both of them managed to click as pair due to their good basics.

“I think we did well although only trained for two to three days. We both had been a trainee with BAM before so our basics were strong and we managed to be on the same page in our matches.”

Butterworth BC emerged as the overall champion and returned home with RM10,000 and the championship trophy, while Perling BC who were named as the runners-up picked up RM5000.

Meanwhile, Malaysia Purple League (MPL) Chief Operation Officer (COO) Ho Khek Mong was thrilled to watch young talents showcasing their talent and thanked the sponsor for their support.

“I’m happy to see the players return to the court after the long Covid-19 hiatus, while some are taking time to adjust to competition, many others proved that the deadly virus could not dampen their winning spirit,” he said.

“Throughout the event, we have seen young and hopeful shuttlers showing signs of maturity and skills well beyond their age. I believe they are happy and eager to get back to competition.”

“Even though Kampar is under-recovery MCO, we made sure that we had no audience and international participants. The SOPs were strictly followed because we want to unearth the next badminton champion through our platform.”

“We truly appreciate the belief of our current set of sponsors and especially to our Purple League Junior main sponsor Aeon Credit for their continued confidence to organise the APLJ.

“We will continue to work hand in hand with the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) for more development work and it’s worth mentioning that the Under-18 champions will earn an invitation to attend an extensive training camp run by the BAM. – Malaysia Purple League, April 4, 2021

Jia Jie rangkul kejuaraan perseorangan lelaki B18 tahun di ACPLJ 2020

Pemain Ampang Jaya BC Tan Jia Jie menghampiri impiannya untuk muncul sebagai pemain kebangsaan setelah merangkul kejuaraan Bawah 18-tahun kejohanan AEON Credit Purple League Junior 2020 (ACPLJ 2020).

Pemain kelahiran Jalan Klang Lama menundukkan Muhammad Ariffin Nazri Md Zakaria dari Cheras BC 11-9, 10-11, 11-9, 11-8 di Arena Sukan Sixbase di Kampar, semalam.

Jia Jie berkata dia tidak sabar untuk menyertai kem latihan intensif kendalian Persatuan Badminton Malaysia (BAM) yang merupakan ganjaran kemenangan disamping wang tunai RM1000 dan medal kejuaraan.

Pemain tinggi lampai itu berkata dia bersyukur dengan penganjuran ACPLJ 2020 yang memberikan pemain muda pentas untuk menunjukkan bakat mereka.

“Saya telah bermain dengan baik untuk menewaskan Ariffin, dia tampak agak letih dan latihan saya untuk meningkatkan tahap stamina saya berkesan pada perlawanan ini. Saya sangat gembira dengan kemenangan ini dan berasa tidak sabar untuk menyertai latihan intensif bersama BAM,” katanya.

“Saya sepatutnya boleh beraksi dengan lebih baik di final tetapi lawan juga seorang pemain yang baik dan dia telah memberi saingan yang sengit kepada saya… saya berjaya mengekalkan rentak saya untuk meraih kemenangan pada akhirnya.”

“Saya nak melihat dan belajar dari pemain-pemain handalan di BAM seperti Lee Zii Jia ketika di kem latihan bersama BAM dan saya berharap dapat meningkatkan prestasi saya dan dapay bermain untuk negara suatu hari nanti.”

Kategori wanita Bawah 18-tahun, pemain bukan pilihan Wong Ling Ching dari Butterworth BC meraih gelaran setelah mengungguli pilihan kedua Tan Yan Yi dari Serdang BC 11-3, 11-2, 11-4.

Ling Ching juga mencatat kemenangan kedua peribadi setelah bergandingan dengan Teoh Le Xuan untuk memenangi beregu wanita Bawah-18 tahun selepas menundukkan pasangan Bayan Lepas BC Amanda Yap Hwa Leng-Tan Xin Zon 11-5, 11-9, 11-7.

Ling Ching membawa pulang wang hadiah RM1000 dan medal kejuaraan sebagai ganjaran memenangi acara perseorangan, berkongsi RM1500 dengan pasangan beregunya Le Xuan dan juga peluang menyertai kem latihan intensif BAM.

Ling Ching berkata dia berasa lega dan gembira selepas mencapai sasarannya untuk memenangi kedua-dua final.

“Saya telah bermain dengan baik pada kejohanan ini dan saya berasa gembira dengan kemenangan ini kerana sudah agak lama semenjak saya beraksi di kejohanan disebabkan Covid-19,” kata pemain kelahiran Sarawak itu yang hanya berlatih dengan Le Xuan selama beberapa hari sebelum kejohanan.

“Saya berpindah dari Sarawak ke Pulau Pinang enam bulan lalu untuk mendapatkan latihan yang lebih baik dan ini adalah pertandingan pertama bagi saya setelah berpindah dan saya berasa amat puas selepas bergelar juara.”

Pasangannya Ling Ching, Le Xuan berkata, gandingan mereka menjadi kerana mereka mempunyai asas permainan yang baik.

“Saya rasa kami berjaya walaupun hanya berlatih selama dua atau tiga hari sahaja. Kami berdua pernah menjadi pelatih BAM sebelum ini, jadi asas kami baik dan kami berjaya membentuk persefahaman yang mantap untuk bergelar juara.”

Butterworth BC muncul sebagai juara keseluruhan kejohanan dan pulang dengan wang tunai RM10,000 dan trofi kejuaraan, sementara itu Perling BC yang dinobatkan sebagai naib juara dan meraih hadiah wang tunai RM5000.

Ketua Pegawai Operasi Malaysia Purple League (MPL) Ho Khek Mong berasa kagum dengan semangat juang para pemain dan berterima kasih dengan sokongan yang diberikan oleh para penaja.

“Saya gembira melihat pemain kembali ke gelanggang setelah selepas rehat panjang berpunca dari Covid-19, nampaknya ada pemain-pemain yang memerlukan masa untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan kejohanan, tetapi ramai yang lain membuktikan bahawa Covid-19 tidak mampu melunturkan semangat juang mereka,” katanya.

“Sepanjang acara ini, kami telah melihat ramai pemain berbakat menunjukkan kematangan dan kemahiran yang jauh melebihi usia mereka. Saya rasa mereka bersemangat dan gembira untuk kembali bersaing.”

“Walaupun Kampar masih di bawah Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Pemulihan (PKPP), kami memastikan kejohanan berlangsung tanpa penonton dan peserta antarabangsa, SOP ketat dipatuhi kerana kami mahu melahirkan juara badminton seterusnya melalui platform kami.”

“Kami sangat menghargai kepercayaan yang diberikan oleh para penaja dan amat berterima kasih kepada mereka, terutamanya penaja utama – Purple League Junior Aeon Credit kerana terus memberi sokongan dalam penganjurkan APLJ.

“Kami akan terus bekerjasama dengan Persatuan Badminton Malaysia (BAM) dalam mencungkil bakat baru dan untuk makluman, juara kategori Bawah 18-tahun akan menerima jemputan untuk menghadiri kem latihan intensif kendalian BAM.


Perseorangan Lelaki Bawah 18-tahun: Tan Jia Jie (Ampang Jaya BC) bt Muhammad Ariffin Nazri Md Zakaria (Cheras BC) 11-9 10-11 11-9 11-8

Beregu lelaki Bawah 18-tahun: Kenny Khew Han Yang-Mohamad Haris Sufian Rushdan (Rawang BC) bt Muhammad Ariffin Nazri -Muhammad Ashraf Md Zakaria (Cheras BC) 11-8 10-11 11-8 11-9.

Beregu campuran Bawah 18-Tahun: Chong Ee Jack-Chew Jia Hui (Ampang Jaya BC) bt Teo Jie Sern -Isabel Liau Bei Yi (AKSC) 11-10 11-5 11-9

Perseorangan lelaki Bawah 15-tahun: Sng Wei Ming (Butterworth BC) bt Huan Kai Hern (Subang Jaya BC) 11-10 11-4 11-10

Beregu Lelaki Bawah 15-tahun: Aguwell Andrew-Carlester Cleve James (DSBC Labuan) bt Gerard Liau Jia Yit-Goh Shao Tang (AKSC) 11-9 9-11 11-5 11-7.

Beregu campuran Bawah 15-tahun: Amirul Imran Bin Azuan – Dania Sofea Binti Zaidi (Perling BC) bt (Subang Jaya BC) Huan Kai Hern-Wong Zi Yi 11-6 11-6 11-10

Perseorangan wanita Bawah 18-tahun: Wong Ling Ching (Butterworth BC) bt Tan Yan Yi (Serdang BC) 11-3 11-2 11-4

Beregu wanita Bawah 18- tahun: Teoh Lexuan-Wong Ling Ching (Butterworth BC) bt Amanda Yap Hwa Leng-Tan Xin Zon (Bayan Lepas BC) 11-5 11-9 11-7.

Perseorangan wanita Bawah 15-tahun: Dania Sofea Zaidi (Perling BC) bt Lim Zhi Shin (Bayan Lepas BC) 11-6, 5-11 11-8 11-3

Beregu wanita Bawah 15-tahun: Shaneessa Shahidi-Vannee Gobi (Damansara BC) bt Alysha Jeffery- Nicole Chau Xuan (PGBC) 11-7 11-4 11-4

Pertandingan Purple League Junior (PLJ) yang diadakan setiap tahun ini telah memasuki tahun keenam penganjurannya.

Tujuannya adalah untuk mencari dan mencungkil bakat muda baru dan menyediakan platform bagi pemain-pemain untuk mempamerkan bakat mereka, mendapatkan
pengalaman yang kompetitif, dan membina keyakinan diri dalam sukan badminton.

AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad telah bergabung sebagai penaja utama bagi Purple League Junior selama tiga tahun sejak 2019 sebagai sebahagian daripada tanggungjawab sosial korporatnya dalam membangunkan bakat tempatan.

Sarah and Isabel continue progress

KAMPAR –  The AEON Credit Purple League Junior 2020 entered the third day of competition with the Under-15 women’s singles top seed Sarah Ngu Xian Meow from Cheras BC advancing to the last eight with a 3-1 victory over teammate Nurul Athirah without much trouble.

Sarah, who stands at an impressive 175cm, was satisfied with her performance playing against her teammate whom she is familiar with.

“I haven’t played competitively in more than a year and hopefully with more games, I can get back in shape,” said Sarah, further adding “Being ranked the No. 1 seed definitely puts me under pressure, but I’m confident of winning the title.”

Sarah Ngu Xian Meow. Pic courtesy of Purple League
Sarah Ngu Xian Meow. Pic courtesy of Purple League

The 18-year old women’s singles top seed Isabel Liau Bei Yi of the AKBC also managed to live up to her seeding and advanced but was stretched to five games before winning the gruelling match 11-7, 10-11, 8-11, 11-5, 11-4 against the powerful Aman Jaya BC’s Teoh Ju Kee. It was double joy for Isabel Liau who also advanced to the last eight in the mixed doubles.

“At first, I was not in control of the match. But when the coach reminded me to buck up, I followed his advice and successfully countered my opponent.”

She now intends to play true to form from the start in the next match and reduce errors and move on to win the title.

In a another Under-18 match Tan Yan Yi of Serdang BC comfortable won 3-0 against her opponent from Jelutong BC, powering through the first game with an 11-0 win and advancing into the last eight where she will face Arieesya Sofea of Bangi City BC.

Meanwhile, in the Under-15 men’s doubles top seeds Tiow Shi Qin/Mohd Amirul from Bayan Lepas BC knocked out Klang Rising BC’s Alfred Teo/Ong Qi Fu 3-1, thus joining the Under-18 men’s doubles top seeds Kenny Khew Han Yang/Mohd. Haris Sufian in the last eight.

Meanwhile Under-15 men’s singles top seed Chow Wern Soon crashed out 3-1 to Tan Kian Wei from JBBC.

The quarter-finals will be played tomorrow while the semi-finals and finals will take place on Sunday. – Purple League, April 2, 2021

Jia Jie shows he could be national material after success in PLJ

紫盟青年赛|陈家杰男单封王北海俱乐部膺总冠军- 体育| 羽球| 星洲网Sin Chew Daily

PETALING JAYA: Unheralded shuttler Tan Jia Jie reignited his hopes of joining the national team by being crowned the Under-18 boys’ singles champion of the just-concluded Aeon Credit Purple League Junior (PLJ) in Perak.

The 18-year-old, representing Ampang Jaya BC, defeated Ariffin Nazri Zakaria of Cheras BC 11-9,10-11,11-9,11-8 in the final at the Sixbase Sports Arena in Kampar on Saturday.

The victory earned Jia Jie a place in the 10-day intensive training camp alongside other Under-18 winners of the other four categories at the Academy Badminton Malaysia (ABM), in an arrangement that will be announced in due course.

Jia Jie said he would like to capitalise on the one-off opportunity to try to impress the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) coaches in hopes of being offered a trial with the national team.

The Kuala Lumpur state player had won a national-level tournament once, triumphing in the Under-16 boys singles of the Melaka leg of the 2018 National Junior Circuit.

“I never had the chance to be called up for the national junior team, so I really hope to make the most of this rare opportunity to train at the ABM, ” said the lanky Jia Jie, who also pocketed RM1,000 cash for his effort.

“At 18, I think it’s not too late yet. I believe my game is on par with the players of the same age in the national team.

“My strong point is my attacking game, but I’ve got to put more effort into improving my defence and stabilising my game as I’m prone to making unforced errors.

“Hopefully, I can give an outstanding performance to possibly get recruited by the national team. But even if I don’t, it would still be a great learning experience. I look forward to learning as much as I can during the training camp.”

Also impressed at the PLJ last week was Sarawakian lass Wong Ling Ching, who bagged a double by winning the girls’ singles and girls’ doubles titles.

The unseeded Ling Ching stunned second seed Tan Yan Yi of Serdang BC 11-3,11-2,11-4 in the singles and then teamed up with former national junior member Teoh Le Xuan to clinch the doubles crown by beating Bayan Lepas BC duo Amanda Yap Hwa Leng-Tan Xin Zon 11-5,11-9,11-7.

“I moved from Sarawak to Penang six months ago to get better training and this is my first competition after a long time (since Covid-19) and I’m so glad to win not just one, but two titles, ” said Ling Ching.

The other players set for a BAM training stint are boys’ doubles champions Kenny Khew-Haris Sufian Rushdan of Rawang BC and mixed doubles winners Chong Ee Jack-Chew Jia Hui of Ampang Jaya BC.

Meanwhile, Butterworth BC emerged the overall champions of the PLJ after amassing 11 points, courtesy of three titles won and two semi-finals entered by their players.

Players earned points for their teams based on the performance in the event they take part in.

Three points were awarded to the champions, followed by two and one each for runners-up and semi-finalists.



Boys’ singles: Tan Jia Jie (Ampang Jaya BC) bt Ariffin Nazri Zakaria (Cheras BC) 11-9,10-11,11-9,11-8.

Boys’ doubles: Kenny Khew-Haris Sufian Rushdan (Rawang BC) bt Ariffin Nazri Zakaria-Ahsraf Daniel Zakaria (Cheras BC) 11-8,10-11,11-8,11-9.

Girls’ singles: Wong Ling Ching (Butterworth BC) bt Tan Yan Yi (Serdang BC) 11-3,11-2,11-4.

Girls’ doubles: Teoh Le Xuan-Wong Ling Ching (Butterworth BC) bt Amanda Yap-Tan Xin Zon (Bayan Lepas BC) 11-5,11-9,11-7.

Mixed doubles: Chong Ee Jack-Chew Jia Hui (Ampang Jaya BC) bt Teo Jie Sern-Isabel Liau (AKSC) 11-10,11-5,11-9.


Boys’ singles: Sng Wei Ming (Butterworth BC) bt Huan Kai Hern (Subang Jaya BC) 11-10,11-4,11-10.

Boys’ doubles: Aguwell Andrew-Carlester Cleve James (DSBC Labuan) bt Gerrard Liu-Goh Shao Tang (AKSC) 11-9,9-11,11-5,11-7.

Girls’ singles: Dania Sofea Zaidi (Perling BC) bt Lim Zhi Shin (Bayan Lepas BC) 11-6,5-11,11-8,11-3.

Girls’ doubles: Shaneessa Shahidi-Vannee Gobi (Damansara BC) bt Alysha Jeffery-Nicole Chau (PGBC) 11-7,11-4,11-4.

Mixed doubles: Amirul Imran Azuan-Dania Sofea Zaidi (Perling BC) bt Huan Kai Hern-Wong Zi Yi (Subang Jaya BC) 11-6,11-6,11-10.

Aguwell/Carlester juara Beregu Lelaki B15 Kejohanan AEON Cerdit Purple Leauge Junior 2020

KOTA KINABALU: Aguwell Andrew, pamain kelahiran Kota Marudu yang berpasangan dengan Carlester Cleve James dari Kota Kinabalu menjuarai kategori Beregu Lelaki Bawah 15 Tahun pada Kejohanan AEON Cerdit Purple Leauge Junior 2020 baru-baru ini.

 Aksi Aguwell Andrew.
ENGGAN MENGALAH: Aksi Aguwell Andrew.

Selaku juara mereka membawa pulang hadiah berupa trofi dan wang tunai RM1,000.00.

Seramai 500 orang pemain daripada 40 kelab badminton menyertai kejohanan yang berlangsung pada 31 Mac hungga 4 April dan  menawarkan hadiah keseluruhan berjumlah RM26,400.00 berkenaan.

Sementara itu, Pengurus Pasukan DSBC Labuan Dato Sri Goh Sin Han mengucapkan syabas dan tahniah kepada pasangan Aguwell Andrew dan Carlester Cleve James di atas kejuaraan yang diraih.

Beliau juga mengucapkan tahniah kepada pemain yang berjaya melangkah ke separuh akhir antaranya Marcella Andrew bagi acara Perseorangan Perempuan Bawah 18 Tahun, Goh Shuen Tong/Quinton Yap (Beregu Campuran B18 Tahun), Demond Anthny/Naldo Fong Kuo Yoong (Beregu Lelaki B18 Tahun) dan Calister Clave James (Perseorangan Lelaki B15 Tahun).

 Barisan pemain pasukan DSBC Labuan merakamkan album kenangan.
MEMBANGGAKAN: Barisan pemain pasukan DSBC Labuan merakamkan album kenangan.

“Tahniah juga kepada kelab-kelab badminton di daerah Kota Marudu, Kota Kinabalu, Kota Belud dan SBA kerana mampu melahirkan bakat-bakat baharu badminton dan seterusnya mampu barsaing dengan pemain dari kelab-kelab badminton ternama di semenanjung.

“Ini merupakan pencapaian yang sungguh membanggakan,” jelasnya.

Beliau mengharapkan agar pihak BAM memberikan peluang kepada pemain-pemain ini ditawarkan ke ABM agar bakat mereka dapat diasah lagi.

LG Electronics announces RM150,000 sponsorship for MPL

Award-winning home appliance manufacturer LG Electronics has announced a RM150,000 sponsorship, in collaboration with Malaysia Purple League (MPL), an organisation supported and sanctioned by the Youth & Sports Ministry and the Badminton Association of Malaysia. The sponsorship is set to take effect in MPL’s 2020/2021 season.

The Malaysia Purple League was established to collaborate with Badminton Association of Malaysia to help fulfil Malaysia’s aspiration of finding the next Malaysian Olympic badminton champion, while creating more value in the industry by generating job opportunities and a stable career path for badminton professionals.

Kim Kyutae, Managing Director of LG Electronics Malaysia said, “The Purple League platform allows for a unique and invaluable experience to both the players and audiences alike, as well as towards the success of the sport for Malaysia. In line with our Chapter of Social Contribution, we work towards forming strategic partnerships to support those who strive to realise their dreams.”

“Sports has always been a platform of unity for Malaysians from all walks of life. It is also a platform for many to ensure a well-balanced work and personal life. We are honoured to play a role in making a difference in Malaysia’s sports landscape through our support in tournaments like the Purple League,” added Kim.

Ho Khek Mong, Chief Operating Executive of the MPL expressed his profound gratitude to LG Electronics. “The Malaysia Purple League ecosystem enables opportunities for growth in the badminton industry. We are excited to have a global and prevalent brand like LG Electronics join our ecosystem to continue providing the platform for top-ranked players and young upcoming talents alike to compete on the same court, especially given current circumstances.”

“We hope this partnership will be a siren’s calling for other organisations to join the Malaysia Purple League ecosystem to collaborate and leave a long-lasting, positive impact in the sports industry.”

The MPL has successfully hosted the Top Glove Purple League Pro-Am 2020(PLPA) in the 2020/21 season, while the Aeon Credit Purple League Junior 2020 completed its first region in Port Dickson, with the remainder to be held after the end of MCO 2.0. This will be followed by the Biz Link Property Purple League Corporate 2020/2021 and the SENHENG redONE  Purple League 2020/2021, culminating with a total of four major tournaments in the 2020/2021 Season.