Senheng Purple League Corporate 2019

Drawing inspiration from the success of the Purple League and Purple League Junior, Malaysia Purple League is embarking on a brand new badminton league aimed at the corporate world, to help widen the reach of the local badminton competitions platform, to unearth hidden talent as well as to unlock potential interest in the corporate sector to partner in the national badminton effort apart from promoting badminton as a healthy lifestyle option  among working individuals.

Presenting the Senheng Purple League Corporate 2019!

The prize money breakdown is as follows:
*Champion Team – RM 50,000 + Certificate of Participation + Champions Trophy
*Runners-up Team – RM 25,000 + Certificate of Participation + Runners-up Trophy
*2nd Runners-up Team – RM 15,000 + Certificate of Participation + 2nd Runners- up Trophy
*3rd Runners-up Team – RM 10,000 + Certificate of Participation + 3rd Runners- up Trophy
*5th Team Onwards – Certificate of Participation + Plaque

Further details to be published soon!

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