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SPLC2019 aims to promote quality work-life balance


SPLC2019 aims to promote quality work-life balance

KUALA LUMPUR (7 NOVEMBER 2019): These days, work-life balance can seem like an impossible feat especially with the constant deadline pressures and constraints. One of the keys to avoiding burn-out and stress includes engaging in sports or fitness activities although finding a suitable outlet can be an inconvenience for some.

To promote healthier lifestyles among some of the busiest people in the commercial sector, Malaysia Purple League – the innovators behind the highly successful Purple League and Purple League Junior has introduced a platform where corporate firms can provide some balance for their workforce in the form of healthy badminton competition.

The inaugural Senheng Purple League Corporate (SPLC) season opens its curtains this weekend where corporate professionals will substitute their laptops for racquets as they prepare to take on fellow amateurs and semi-professionals in showcasing their badminton skills.

Eight top international and local corporate firms will feature in the first edition with the likes of Pensonic, LionMas, redONE, senQ drawn in Group A whilst OPPO, Top Glove, AEON Credit Service and AIG will battle it out in Group B.

The top 2 teams of each group will qualify for the semi-finals and ultimately seal a berth to contest the Final showdown towards claiming bragging rights and a playoff spot for a chance to qualify for the next edition of Malaysia’s elite professional badminton league – the Purple League in 2020.

Each tie will consist of 5 matches namely the men’s singles, men’s doubles (open), men’s doubles (combined age of 80 years old or above), women’s doubles and mixed doubles where teams will aim to win best of five 11 point games in each category.

CEO of Malaysia Purple League (MPL), Dato’ Jack Koh explained that the inspiration behind this ground-breaking tournament was to provide an avenue for MPL’s loyal sponsors to experience an organized and competitive league similar to their main event.

He said, “After six years of actively lobbying the development of badminton (in the country) and introducing innovative ways of making it more entertaining for fans through the Purple League, I am glad to note there is an increase in awareness and interest from private as well as government sectors to support our efforts.”

Former national badminton player and Coach of Petaling BC, Ismail Saman will be representing Top Glove in the inaugural Senheng Purple League Corporate which will kick off this weekend at Sports Arena Sentosa

“As a way to show our appreciation towards our corporate partners who have always supported us in any way, this Purple League Corporate will provide the best platform for corporate companies to have a feel of our tournaments and also get the opportunity to get more associated with the sport of badminton,” added Dato’ Jack.

To add star attraction to the competition, several clubs have added former state and national players to their ranks most notably Kuan Beng Hong and Ong Ewe Hock representing redONE; Ismail Saman, Daphne Ng and Tiffany Chase for Top Glove; as well as Yap Zhen, Kuan Kam Chung and Sannatasah Saniru who will be plying their trade for team senQ.

The first season of the SPLC will be played over two weekends with the round-robin ties scheduled to be played on 9th, 10th and 16th November before the semis and final on 17th November 2019 at Sports Arena Sentosa.

SPLC2019 Day 1 & 2 Fixtures

Saturday – 9/11/2019
LionMas vs redPHOENIX (10am)
Pensonic vs senQ (10am)
Top Glove vs AEON Credit Service (2pm)
OPPO vs Team AIG (2pm)

Sunday – 10/11/2019
Pensonic vs LionMas (10am)
redPHOENIX vs senQ (10am)
OPPO vs Top Glove (2pm)
AEON Credit Service vs Team AIG (2pm)


About Malaysia Purple League

Founded by Dato’ Jack Koh and partners and incorporated on October 24, 2013, Purple League (M) Sdn. Bhd. aims to create a brand-new platform in support of the Malaysian badminton scene while raising the standard of badminton proficiency and contributing towards creating future champions for the country.

Standing at the forecourt of all endeavours is the Malaysia Purple League, thus named due to purple long being a symbolic colour associated with royalty, power, and courage. It’s an initiative that provides players of all levels, both professionals and amateurs, with an opportunity to gain invaluable competitive experience, and which concurrently engages retired national greats to guide and inspire a new generation of champions.









前国手兼八打灵羽球俱乐部教练伊斯迈沙末将会代表Top Glove 出战这个周末在吉隆坡圣淘沙体育馆举行的新兴紫盟商业联赛。

8家外国和本地企业,将分在两个小组比赛。A组的4队是Pensonic、LionMas、redONE和senQ。B组由OPPO、Top Glove、永旺信贷和AIG组成。






为了增添星光,数支参赛队都积极拉拢前国手和州手助阵,其中包括redONE的关明鸿和王友福、Top Glove的伊斯迈沙末、Daphne Ng和Tiffany Chase,以及senQ的Yap Zhen、Kuan Kum Chung和桑纳塔莎。