About us

Founded by Dato’ Jack Koh and partners and incorporated on October 24, 2013,

Purple League (M) Sdn. Bhd. aims to create a brand new platform in support of the Malaysian badminton scene while raising the standard of badminton proficiency and contributing towards creating future champions for the country.

Standing at the forecourt of all endeavours is the Malaysia Purple League, thus named due to purple long being a symbolic colour associated with royalty, power, and courage. It’s an initiative that provide players of all levels, both professionals and amateurs, with an opportunity to gain invaluable competitive experience, and which concurrently engages retired national greats to guide and inspire a new generation of champions.


To develop the potential and polish the skills of Malaysian badminton players to raise the level of competitive badminton in Malaysia.


To lead Malaysia’s talented badminton stars on the international stage.

The Purple League Junior 2019 is the fifth season of the junior league. The League was launched in late 2015 to offer emerging talented players under the age of 19 the opportunity to hone their skills in a highly competitive environment. It assumes an important complementary role that dovetails into the main Purple League. By setting a solid foundation, these initiatives are tailored to concurrently elevate the quality of badminton in the country and to produce a new era of champions.

Over 300 local and international junior players from 23 clubs will be competing in single round robin matches in Division 1, 2 and 3 for championship titles in their respective divisions.





The team with the highest aggregate of games difference at the completion of all the ties shall be crowned the overall champions.


Boy’s Singles, Girl’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Girl’s Singles, Boy’s Doubles.

Drawing inspiration from the success of the Purple League and Purple League Junior, Malaysia Purple League is embarking on a brand new badminton league aimed at the corporate world, to help widen the reach of the local badminton competitions platform, to unearth hidden talent as well as to unlock potential interest in the corporate sector to partner in the national badminton effort apart from promoting badminton as a healthy lifestyle option  among working individuals.

The purpose of PL Schools & Unis Badminton Clinic Program is to increase awareness of the importance of sports and badminton among the younger generation in Malaysia.
The best coaches from different clubs will provide quality coaching sessions and motivational talks for students, to encourage their interest towards sports development.

This Program is free of charge, in hopes that students can gain valuable experience from this program,
in which will benefit both Purple League and the school’s branding awareness.